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The RaceWatch application is available from the iTunes store for iPhone and iPod touch devices.


RaceWatch is an advanced stopwatch and tools application. It was created to allow racers the ability to time up to 4 participants and save those results in an easy to use application.

After using other stopwatch applications and getting very frustrated we decided to develop our own. RaceWatch is built by racers, for racers.

Mutli-touch timing

Multi-touch timing allows you to keep your eyes on the track and not on the stopwatch! Hold the button down and release when you want the time taken.

Select multiple racers on the selection screen and then start each racer by pressing the corresponding start button. Hold your left thumb on racer #1 button and your right thumb on the racer #2 button. The time will not be taken until you release your thumb from the button. Release the #1 button when that racer passes, and #2 when they pass. You can do this for up to 4 racers.

Ease of use!

Large buttons allow you to see what you are pressing! We have designed RaceWatch to have large buttons and to allow the user to press those buttons simultaneously and release when you wish to mark the time.

Save your results

Saves up to 5 runs in memory for later retrieval! Press the "results" button and view up to 5 runs in memory sorted by date/time with the ability to display all the racers on a single compact output line. This is a great application to save the times and look at them later.


In the upgrades screen you will find both free and paid upgrades for the RaceWatch application.

Free add-on features

  • Metric conversion calculator - We have provided a free metric conversion calculator for the most regularly used unit conversions.

Paid add-on features

  • Fixed gear calculator - Find the correct gear to use in a fixed gearing calculator. Find RPM drop, and calculate gear ratios. All in one very easy to understand screen.

Coming soon!

  • Several other calculators are in development. If you have an idea for an upgrade you want to see, please email our support staff and we will get right on it!

If you wish to obtain a paid upgrade please click on the name, and then click the green buy button. You will be asked to purchase the item and after it is done you will have access to the screen. The purchase process may take some time to complete depending on your connectivity. Please be patient and visit the screen a few times before mailing our support staff.

We have also provided restore buttons on the individual help screens in case you have upgraded or exchanged your device.

We have made every effort to make your in-app purchase smooth and if you have any issues please let us know.


If you have questions, comments or need help with RaceWatch, please use the Contact us link. We appreciate your business and will do anything possible to provide you the nbest possible customer support.

Visit the iTunes store to download RaceWatch.

Keep your eyes on the track, not the watch!

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